Beyond TMS & Chronic Pain (Video Blog)

Beyond TMS & Chronic Pain (Video Blog)

On this playlist you will find videos where I answer questions about goal setting, motivation, breaking through obstacles and limiting beliefs, interacting with toxic people, family, career, relationships and many more topics that come about as the common chronic pain sufferer goes deeper into healing their life.

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Disclaimer: The videos, text and audio files contained in this program are for information use only. It is not meant to treat, cure, or diagnose any medical health condition you may or may not have. For medical advice and treatment please speak to a medical health professional.

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Beyond TMS & Chronic Pain (Video Blog)
  • How To Get Started Using The Mindbody Connection


    Welcome to Ralphitness Elite Wellness and lifestyle. This program was created and is still managed by yours truly Master Life Coach Ralph Ruiz. This entire program is dedicated to finding relief from TMS, Ankylosing Spondylitis and the symptoms of other chronic pain conditions.


  • How To Achieve Your Goals Without Fear of Failure

    In this video I briefly share a practical way in which you can pursue your goals while at the same time diminishing your fear of failure along the way. Using some of the keys to reprogram the unconscious mind we can shift our limited perception of our self and the goal in mind in order to unlock ...

  • Hidden Way in Which Chronic Pain Affects Your Life

    Still not good enough? Still being too hard on yourself? Big Pharma still out to get you?

    In this video I share my understanding of an ego defense that is very common in the chronic pain community. It is the ego defense that keeps the individual seeing the world as a completely screwed up plac...

  • Finding a Therapist & Common Therapy Challenges

    In this video I answer a very important question on what type of therapist to look for when looking to heal chronic pain using the mindbody connection. Because the majority of chronic pain sufferers have experienced extreme difficulties earlier in their life. In order for them to overcome chronic...

  • Silencing The Mental Chatter and Overcoming Fear

    In this lecture I share a very powerful exercise that helped me silence the constant chatter in my mind and allowed me to create inner peace. As well as creating the pathway to overcome strong fears like the fear of death. This exercise also helped me mend and heal my relationship with my inner c...

  • Overcoming Depression Reframing The Past.

    In this video I talk about the power of reframing the way we look at ourselves, life, the world, and personal history in order to overcoming the overwhelming experience of depression. As always, I believe that with greater awareness comes greater power and control for being able to overcome painf...

  • The Ralphitness Philosophy & Overcoming Anger

    In this video I answer some common questions that I receive from people when they are first starting their journey.

    1. How is working with Ralph different from working with a therapist or other life coaches?
    2. What can I expect on the path to healing chronic pain using the mindbody connectio...

  • Healing Fearful Thoughts, Phobias & Paranoia

    In this video I discuss the how the power of your own mind is used against you in television commercials in order to influence the products and services that you consume. After becoming aware of how that works, you can use the same exact power of your mind that is being used against you and have ...

  • Phobia & Allergy Cure Technique.

    In this video I further clarify the phobia cure technique to overcome phobias, fearful thoughts and allergies. Please do not try this without the supervision of a trained professional. This video is for information use only.

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