MindBody Healing For TMS & Chronic Pain Relief

MindBody Healing For TMS & Chronic Pain Relief

Note: Join us every Saturday at 9am New York time for questions and answers, and to further explore our own individual experiences of mind body healing with Master Life Coach Ralph Ruiz and members like you from all over the world.

On this playlist I teach a philosophy and a way of viewing the world that can serve as a tool to further enhance our journey of self-discovery and self-exploration for mind body healing. Although this program is not a substitute for psychotherapy the information found here together with the support of master life coach Ralph Ruiz and the aid of a mental health professional. Can lead to profound life transforming experiences with the intended goal of improving our health, relationship with our emotions, friends, family, colleagues, loved ones and our overall quality of life.

Although the majority of people who subscribe to this program are looking for chronic pain and TMS symptoms relief. All others who are looking to learn a practical way of enhancing their quality of life, inner peace, joy, happiness, freedom and ability of genuine self-expression are welcomed.

Subscribe now to us and begin your life transforming journey of self-mastery, self-healing, self-discovery, freedom and self-exploration.

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Disclaimer: The videos, text and audio files contained in this program are for information use only. It is not meant to treat, cure, or diagnose any medical health condition you may or may not have. For medical advice and treatment please speak to a medical health professional.

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MindBody Healing For TMS & Chronic Pain Relief