Ralphitness Journals On MindBody Healing

Ralphitness Journals On MindBody Healing

In this playlist I share a variety of ideas, topics and personal experiences that I believe we’re helpful in guiding me towards the right path on my healing journey. I also share guided meditation and hypnosis routines to help others reconnect to their heart’s desire, allowing them to stay motivated and focused on their desired outcome of better health, abundance and prosperity.

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Disclaimer: The videos, text and audio files contained in this program are for information use only. It is not meant to treat, cure, or diagnose any medical health condition you may or may not have. For medical advice and treatment please speak to a medical health professional.

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Ralphitness Journals On MindBody Healing
  • How To Get Started Using The Mindbody Connection


    Welcome to Ralphitness Elite Wellness and lifestyle. This program was created and is still managed by yours truly Master Life Coach Ralph Ruiz. This entire program is dedicated to finding relief from TMS, Ankylosing Spondylitis and the symptoms of other chronic pain conditions.


  • Guided Hypnosis For Nothing


    Ralphitness 30 Days Hypnosis For Nothing Experience.

    The first step when taking a holistic mindbo...

  • Learning how to move freely again after healing chronic pain.

    In this live recording I answer a question asked by one of the members of my Facebook Support Group, “how I learn how to move freely again after being in pain for over 15 years, it’s almost as if I forgot how to move freely.” This is something that is common for a lot of people who have experienc...

  • How Repressed Negative Emotions Created My Reality

    Many times, in the self-help industry we hear a beautiful and poetic statement which usually goes along the lines of “follow your intuition”. In my personal healing journey this piece of advice was perhaps one of the most useful and at the same most limiting and toxic pieces of advice I could hav...

  • How Excess Spirituality Stopped My Healing

    Inspired by a question on out of body experiences and how to get grounded in this reality to let go of all the stressful fantasies in our minds. I created this video to share with the world how I was able to overcome the stresses of my overactive imagination. Unfortunately, because a big part of ...

  • The Inner Child & Inner Family Archetypes

    In this video I share my personal discoveries in relationship to healing the inner child. Many times, we can assume that compassion and acceptance is the only way to heal the inner child. In my personal opinion BALANCE is the key to health. In this case the balancing act was about balancing the r...

  • The Psychology of Unhappiness & Limiting Beliefs

    The Psychology of Unhappiness & Limiting Beliefs (How to Live Happily Ever After)

    What if I told you that you have not reached what you are seeking simply because you are seeking it? What if the solution to all of your problems was right in front of you? What if the only reason why you are sti...

  • The Thoughts Behind My Pain & My Chronic Pain High

    The Thoughts Behind My Pain & My Chronic Pain High

    In this video I share my experience using self-reflection to heal from Chronic Pain and Ankylosing Spondylitis Symptoms. I also share what was behind my flare ups and how they would happen. Unlike popular belief, I personally believe that flar...

  • Advanced Letting Go Technique Pro Tip 1

    In this video journal entry, I share a professional tip that I learned studying hypnosis that may further enhance your use of the letting go technique. It is an exercise that involves recognizing the individual and separate private life of our thoughts. Recognizing that each of our thoughts has a...

  • Out of Body Experiences & The Matrix Of Reality

    Earlier today I had a conversation with my father that inspired me to make this video on how I personally understand healing using spirituality and the matrix of reality to bend our reality to experience healing. In the western world of psychology this philosophy may be completely out of the box ...

  • The Young Prince & The Wizard

  • RJ: Beliefs For Better Beliefs

    Ralphitness Journals: Beliefs For Better Beliefs:

    Question and answer about the use of adapting the five ey beliefs for mindbody healing

  • RJ: Should I quit the gym for healing?

    Ralphitness Journals: Should I quit the gym to end my obsession with healing?